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220volt Magyarország Kft

March 31, 2020, at 12:01 pm

220volt Magyarország Kft. or 220volt for short was founded in 2005 with its base in Hungary. With three stores operating in central locations of Budapest as well as an online shop, 220volt deals in audio-visual equipment, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and so much more.

Mr. Peter Besenyi, also known as Mr. Palinka, founder of 220volt, explained in a rather patriotic way the story of Hungary’s traditional fruit brandy, Palinka, during the Partners In Excellence convention 2018 as he offered it to the guests along with some other local delicacies. A great addition to the opening party as here at Z Empire, we always encourage initiatives!

Q1: Mr. Besenyi, what triggered the idea of offering Palinka shots during the first night of the convention?

I am proud to be Hungarian since I live in a beautiful country. I intended to deliver something unique from Hungary for my potential business partners. We come from different countries, but we have something in common; this is why we do business with each other. But apart from this, we should never forget that we are human beings first, so I wanted to convert my appearance into a more personal level by presenting something that brings Hungary closer to those who trust me enough to deal with me.

Q2: What is the thing you have achieved in your life that you are most proud of?

My two sons, no doubt about this! 🙂

Q3: Do you also trade beverages or only electronic products? If not, did you ever consider doing so?

I have a tobacco shop in the center of my hometown, where we also offer 220 different chilled beers. I run my 220volt business in Budapest, but operating the tobacco shop in my hometown is just a way to serve local people.

Q4: When did you decide to join the electronics industry, and why did you choose this industry over others?

I started to deal with electronics products while I was a university student. They did not have to be advertised since they were well-known products. The only thing you had to do was offer more competitive prices than those your competitors did. In the beginning, I was competitive since I had no shop, and I sold products on the street. Since I became successful, I needed to take my business to the next level, and thus, I founded 220volt in 2005 and started to hire employees.

Q5: Do you have any plans to expand your chain of stores in other countries as well? If yes, which countries?

We already operate seven shops in 4 countries, and we plan to open a shop in Austria too.

Q6: What are you most curious about in life?

I wonder how it would feel like to have a daughter. And I hope my wife reads this article… 😉

Q7: What are the things that you are interested in?

Let me answer in alphabetical order so that I do not express the order of importance.

  • Adventure

  • Barbecue

  • Family and children

  • Music (classical and jazz)

  • Palinka

  • Sports cars

  • Travel

Q8: Which products would you say sell faster in your shops, and why do you think that is?

We are the leaders in Hungary selling DSLR cameras, but we also sell Iphones in huge numbers. The reason behind it is that we have a respected image, and our customers trust us as well are enjoy visiting our stores for their shopping.

Q9: Based on your experience at the Partners In Excellence 2018 networking convention, would you suggest to other companies to attend?

Absolutely! I had much fun there. And if even more people come, the more iPhones I can sell and the more Palinkas I can serve. 🙂

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