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Business Speed Dating

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Z-Empire is always committed to keep bringing new ways of networking, connecting people and doing business. We take daily normal activities and turn them into new concepts which provides new networking and business opportunities. This time we are introducing the Business speed dating session. This is a step further from the typical speed dating. The concept is fairly simple and as its name shows, where you will have fun while getting introduced to what could be a great business opportunity. As normally seen on speed dating, the participants will be seated around a long table, rotating partners, in this case companies, whenever the time is up. Turn by turn, they will have the chance to speak about themselves and their company. What an extra Z Empire touch, brief company profiles will be made, and given to the participants, so they can maximize their time and immediately get to know what business the company in front of them deals in. They can take it from there, given the ‘golden time’ to give the best impression of themselves, pointing out their strengths and what they are looking for. At the end of each speech, business cards will be exchanged, and hopefully a new business relationship will have just been developed. How thrilling! Keeping it innovative, fast and of course simple. That is the secret of being the best at Business speed date.

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