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Parktel Sp. Z.O.O

March 31, 2020, at 11:02 am

In this type of the hustle and bustle industry, staying relevant among the sharks is hard enough, but staying on top of the game is what Parktel succeeds! That is a feat accomplished firmly by the man behind the team, the decision-maker Mr. Lukasz Smyk along with his creative and upbeat team.

Mr. Lukasz Smyk – owner of Parktel Sp Z.o.o

Why is Parktel the go-to stop in the electronics industry?

From far and many, Parktel manages to stand out, making it an ideal connection to Poland and one to maintain and trust you're getting the latest goods, with a capable support team and fast response to any issues or concerns. It is a specialist in the wholesale and distribution of consumer electronics at immaculate condition, with an organization that only strives to provide the best prices and delivery lead times.

Established in 2006 with one vision, yet many ideas, it aims at providing a fresh response in the market, with its philosophy and its vibrant and energetic team. As young as Parktel may be, it excels in professionalism and creativity, ready to face any challenges but furthermore burgeons in this ever competing and cutthroat market.

With its headquarters in Poland and the United Arab Emirates, Parktel is considered a valued distributor and wholesaler, working with esteemed global brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung as well as more A-Brands. Above company profile, isn't by chance, as they choose to handpick their brands, as they do their team, as they do with their strategies. Leading the forefront is a man who personifies charm, and business is Mr. Lukasz Smyk.

How does he make THE difference? Influenced by visionaries and industry disruptors, namely Warren Buffet, he strives for the same success in this industry. His endless hard work and aspirations allow Parktel to push the limits and continually find ways to make an impression and excel in its domain. Never a dull thinker, always up for a challenge, his energy is on another level that knows no limitations.

Mr. Lukasz is part of Parktel, but Parktel is also part of him, heading forward as one, in smooth and steady beats that cannot be slowed down, intended for success!

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