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Perhaps you have already seen networking Assistants. Perhaps you have hired them yourself for an event. You most definitely have not elevated them to the level of PIE 2019! During PIE 2019 event, networking assistants were a staple trait of the convention and one much needed that allowed the event to rise to the reputation and level it had.For those who do not know of this service, networking assistant are the latest and most helpful addition to event organization, hired with the aim to assist in various events, conventions & exhibitions mainly. They are an addition that allows you to make a good impression to the guests, where they help you during the event in order to add to your experience. For example in the Electronics Industry, they would help with the schedule, the various companies attending while providing information to navigate you around according to what your needs are. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? When executed correctly it can be a game-changer. Wouldn’t you want to know, when attending one of these occasions, you could turn to a Networking assistant who could perhaps direct you through the premises and the event, giving you info that would make your stay that much easier? What if I told you they could also inform you about all the companies attending while introducing you to the ones you most wanted and needed, while simultaneously knowing your company and representing you when necessary? What if I told you this addition would not only help guide you through the event but would also provide you with business? That is what Z Empire recognized and tapped into, innovating in ways other organizations failed to invest in and ‘bring to the table’. That was the mission and the result experienced in Partners in Excellence 2019, hosted and trained by Z Empire Global. Months in advance for the selection process, with weeks in advance for the training, Z Empire team made sure that this time around, Networking

Assistants (NA) would play a vital role in the event, ready for anything and everything that may arise. A team comprising of the prestigious 15 NA, they were given all the list and information of all the companies attending and then divided amongst them, so they may be more focused and‘specialized’ for their selected companies. This way they were able to really provide the necessary attention to the ones they had, learning all about them inside out, and being able to assist them as if they were their own. Learning from distributors to manufacturers, brands, and so on, they were able to connect them to the companies of interest even suggesting some that may have been beneficial to their represented company. This was done with the NA constantly communicating with each other via an application, where they could instantly find each-other and within minutes connect to another NA representing the company, in order to commence introductions. How exciting! Each company in a sense experienced their own assistant as if they had worked with them for years. That was the sensation Z Empire tried to implement and by going through the feedback, it was a success. In true Z Empire fashion, the clients and guests needs were taken care of without even their asking, by anticipating the gaps in the industry and making sure to fill it and offer the VIP treatment that is always given. For Z Empire this is an investment that only adds to their impression and their innovative and new –dimension marketing. Can you imagine how much bigger and elevated this will be the following events? It’s definitely something to experience for yourself and trust that you are gaining all benefits offered for your business, that you always wanted but never knew you needed!

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