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Z Empire GITEX Dinner: A milestone

After a successful IFA dinner in September, inviting and connecting over 250 clients and partners, we knew we needed to take a step further and bring together our Middle Eastern and African partners. The turnout was staggering, which resulted in an impressive amount of business for ZEmpire's marketing as well as our clients sales. Wanting to capitalize on the hype and the sales, a GITEX trip for Dubai was decided. There, many innovations were demonstrated and accomplished with many more opportunities presented. Our partners and clients were our first priority and wanted to host them in one of the most luxurious settings of Dubai where business and fun were easily achieved leading to more sales between our attendees, and achieving another milestone in our legacy. Four seasons hotel, Jumeirah Dubai, was where our GITEX dinner was created. It represented the essence of ZEmpires elegance and work environment. With a backdrop of tropical palm trees, sand and a beach filled with boats and yachts with a clear pink sky, the evening was already impressive to start with. However, we wanted to innovate further, having the best AV to create magic. With a custom screen fit for a stadium, as well as a sound system and graphics fit for a festival, the night was surely going to be memorable. We had an out-pour of new and standard clients, we had made arrangements for only 180 exclusive guests. Needless to say, that number was surpassed as word got out of our elite dinner, with more companies and CEO's wanting to join and take advantage of the connections and decision makers attending. However, we drew the line at 220, as we could not accommodate more without compromising our quality. It was impressive and we're proud ZEmpire is able to keep building momentum. The night begun slowly with our guests arriving and networking, with introductions being made by our CEO and Operations manager. Introductions are so important, when done the right way, they are more reliable and develop more rapidly between selected companies. That is why ZEmpire's marketing is so different and effective. It's all about the connections and the deals that accompany them. Once everyone arrived the show was ready to start. Our CEO delivered his speech highlighting ZEmpire's philosophy and marketing, showcasing how OUR marketing = sales! This time however, we wanted to depict our evolution and what we promise to our sponsors and close partners. An entire presentation and graphics, illustrated our plans and what we deliver to the industry and especially our sponsors and supporters. It was grand and quite interactive with our audience. Followed, was our sponsors announcements, where our CEO showed them off in front of the crowd, calling attention to them, doing what we promise, to make sure our sponsors are exposed and promoted. They were all excited and charged with energy; it was an electrifying atmosphere. The biggest announcement of the evening was the official demonstration of ZEmpire's B2B Website, giving a sneak peak of the site, its advanced features and demonstrating its excel sheet offers upload, making it fast and easy for the end user. Finally the website is launched! The evening continued with an abundant amount of rich arabic food, that satisfied everyone's appetite. Of course talks and networking carried on until late into the night. The dinner was a milestone in ZEmpire's timeline, showcasing its luxury, power and transformation in the business! You can be sure there is more to come and will surprise you!

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