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The consumer electronics industry has many aspects and facets; marketing and consulting are just a few of many. There are countless platforms, individuals, and agencies that claim to offer the best possible services in the market, yet there is only one company that raised the standards much further than the rest in a short period.

For a whole year, I was hired as a sales executive at Z Empire, where I learned a lot during this time; here is my experience.

Before joining Z Empire, I had already been working in the electronics market as a business consultant on a trading platform. Therefore, I have a history and a point of reference related to it, so here is why Z Empire is the best.

To begin, Z Empire's founder and CEO, Mr. Sam, has been involved in the consumer electronics business for over a decade and knows the industry inside-out, its flaws, what it lacks and what it needs to keep expanding healthily; the cause that made Z Empire, originate the "made by the industry for the industry."

Z Empire's core values and principles are shared among the employees, clients, and business partners. It's essential values and beliefs, such as loyalty, hard work, honesty, and respect, are part of every decision, concept, and idea implemented. What is more, every single employee has the freedom to propose his viewpoint when discussing new ideas or concepts to be introduced; every opinion is valued, respected, and taken into consideration. The execution is carefully planned and is required to be done with the highest level of professionalism possible. Also, every person who wishes to join Z Empire goes through specific training about the industry, technical knowledge, and the skills required to adapt to every situation that can be faced in the job and being able to recover solutions faster and easier. At the company, the most critical aspect is that there is no toxic office environment, and no politics are promoted

in fact, these are discouraged as much as possible because they are unnecessary and more damaging than anything else. As an employee, you are getting what you deserve, and maybe more. If you work hard, with honesty and good intentions, you will get more support and recognition even if the results are not perceived immediately, and they always come with time. You will never see anyone getting promoted in any way, without deserving it or earning it. Everyone is treated respectfully, equally, and is rewarded accordingly. The business trips, the events, and the get-togethers were always an enjoyable and exciting part of the job where I had the freedom of action and decision, which made it more empowering and full of lessons that I was being taught. The level of trust placed on the employees was a rarity, if not, nonexistent. There were occasions I didn't have to be physically present, as long as the job was taken care of and completed, and the values were respected and followed. During these business trips, everything was handled for you, meaning the travel expenses, planned or not, accommodation, flights, dining, and a lot more. You never feel as if there's a lack of something, the quality is never compromised, and the standards are kept high. All the above have motivated me to be more focused on the work and on advancing myself, as you can never stop learning while the company never stops teaching.

Furthermore, we gather all our partners, Sponsors and clients from the industry to host them for VIP dinners that we organize around the world, we add them in our Whova event application where they are kept up to date with our upcoming events, as well as conducting targeted email campaigns for promotional purposes. We have our dedicated online trading platform were all clients buy and sell, we contact and visit our partners and sponsors when we can, to check in with them, we plan get-togethers so all the primary decision-makers are invited for an excellent cozy yet business-like atmosphere and of the course, the main event of the year: Partners In Excellence (PIE) which is taking place in the 2nd most luxurious hotel in the world, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, gathering hundreds of CEOs, manufacturers, carriers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and all the industry's channels. For the 3-days event, many sessions and activities are organized and aimed towards networking in fun yet productive manner with our targeted sessions: "90 Seconds to Impress", "Deal or no Deal" and "Business Speed Dating"; in addition to those sessions we also include other activities such parties, yoga sessions, football tournaments, and one-on-one meetings.

To conclude, at the beginning of this article, I mentioned that I have a point of reference. After my experience at Z Empire and everything it has offered me, I can now say that I have a benchmark. The other unique thing about Z Empire is how caring and supportive it is to its employees, whether it's a personal matter, education, or family; you could always count on the company for support. Before I was hired, what was agreed, is that I will be working and simultaneously being trained by the company to be able to start my own career in the industry, a dream that was fully supported by the CEO, team including the company in general.

The least I can say is that Z Empire respected its part of the deal and taught me a lot.

Z Empire emphasizes the linguistics part, meaning it is vital to be able to cover as many languages as possible to encompass the world's markets and provide the best quality of service. However, languages aren't the only way to reach all the markets; Z Empire uses traditional and contemporary approaches to connect people.

Examples include our PIE magazines, which are distributed to all the CEOs and decision-makers around the globe, Whatsapp and Telegram groups are created, where all clients are involved in conducting deals, exchanging words, so on and so forth.

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