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An end to evil. Reminds me of Indira Gandhi. Who can resist that face, the good, innocent face! He has a terrific smile. I was born with a full mouth and pretty face. (Oh, oh, oh! I was born with a full mouth and pretty face.) Raj Thacholi Veettil Aattu (The Boy Who Could Fly) by Chandrabose. This is a book on which I was very much interested in listening it in the story and the moral lessons and in Hindi! The publisher and the author doesn’t really trust in the book. As it is a biographical novel and neither I can vouch for it. But I was curious to know how his father used to make ... He really likes his brother very much. But what I did like was the story of his separation from his father. He was even in the bathroom. His mother didn’t want her son to go outside. The author who is an Indian descent in our lives but with an American schooling did a very well. I liked the main character very much. The reason I liked him was he was struggling very much in his life. He would try to achieve anything. He loved his mother a lot. The book will take up the life of this very big talented young man. His father was a lawyer and a very good person. We’re lucky to have parents like them. He comes from a very rich family. ... But the book has so many good lessons to it. The book tells the story of a man who strives for his success in his life. He could be a very nice man. He could also be a very nasty person. As people’s character is at the same time very good and very bad. I think, reading this book it is good to tell you what we should not be. We shouldn’t give up in our life. We shouldn’t give up in our life. We’ve got to face it and face up to it ... The author is extremely talented. It really makes me wonder how he used to write the book. He used to write a play in one night and another in another night and another in another night. He used to work for many months to write it. He told me that he worked as a director. Before he used to write

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