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On Cash App, there are certain terms of service which all the users must know. Sometimes customers intentionally violate these terms and policies; consequently, the cash app account is closed. Cash App is very strict in its user policies if it finds any violation of these terms, it closes the account temporarily.

Many users wonder what to do if my Cash App account is closed. Here in this blog, we explain what you should do if your Cash App account is closed. Along with this, we give some additional tips that you must follow to avoid the issue of an account blocked on the Cash App.

Although it states we're sorry, it looks like your account violates our service terms. If your account is closed, there is no need to panic because you can recover the Cash App account.

How to recover a Cash App account?

1. Launch Cash App on your mobile phone

2. To recover your account, click on the Forgot Password option.

3. After this, you will receive a link on the registered mail from the official Cash App customer service.

4. You need to visit this page and re-set the new password to recover your Cash App account.

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You need to make sure that your password should be as per the guidelines of the Cash App. And you change your account password from time to time to avoid any issues. So with the steps mentioned above, you can recover a Cash App account. You should never violate the Cash App's terms and service because your account will be closed if you do so.

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