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Interview with Mr. Yusuf Karatas

February 2, 2020, at 2:08 pm

Company: Yukatel GmbH

Interview with Mr. Yusuf Karatas

Speed, reliability and customer satisfaction Mr. Yusuf Karatas is one of the most famous people of our industry due to his empire

– Yukatel GmbH but also due to his character. Mr. Karatas is a firm believer that hard work, consistency, and will power are critical ingredients to success.

1. You built up your company in 1995 and brought it to what it is today, what advice would you give a young entrepreneur for them to be as successful as you?

A common prejudice is that to be successful; you have to have money and power. That Is wrong! Anyone can succeed. Henry Ford once said that "to have success you need skills that are in demand at the moment," he had such skills. The flair for innovation, a strategy for implementation, including luck in making decisions. It is vital to have a clear vision and have a goal in mind and always be ambitious and dare to tackle. Then the necessary luck will help you make the right decisions to complete this path.

2. Try to compare your workload from when you started up until now, with so many employees. Do you feel you worked harder back then or now, and why?

We live in an epoch of superlatives. Superlative in terms of scientific developments. We speak of technology at the highest level. Our industry must reinvent again and again to continue success. Only through clear and structured thoughts, we can achieve the challenges of our time.

3. Do you know the names of all your employees, and do you have any part in their hiring?

As unlikely as this may sound, by taking a look at my appointment calendar, I always want a maxim and a heart's desire. We all know the quote, "Pay attention to your gut feeling. No matter how good it looks, if it does not feel good, be on your way," I rely on my gut feeling as well, which is one of my mottoes. My gut has not let me down so far. That is why our employees have been on board for an average of 10 years.

4. Undoubtedly, your experience in the electronics market covers many different views, retailers' points of view, distributors, wholesalers, plus manufacturers. What is your opinion on the current market situation, and what are your predictions for the future?

Forecasts can be hard to come by in such a volatile business. It will be, however, as challenging and exciting as every year. Maintaining our product range and the intensification in the existing customer business will undoubtedly help us continue steadfast in the future. There will be a new generation of smartphones that will oblige us to rethink our business. What exact features this will be, remains to be seen.

5. Which mobile brand do you think will survive this period and be the strongest in its category?

I think the big players will lose a few feathers, but they will stay in the market.

6. What is your opinion about Xiaomi? We have seen similar Asian brands have a dramatic increase in sales and an even more dramatic fall. Do you think Xiaomi will be different?

I think Xiaomi will not expect the same fate, but it will be as challenging for all other manufacturers on the market.

7. What key features a mobile phone should have to succeed? Do you think there is any more room for innovation?

There are many innovations in a mobile device, as this product must be tailored to the end user's needs. Nowadays, mobile phones need to be innovative and sophisticated. Whether it is related to sound, comfort, simulation, photography, energy, design, or presentation matters, it all depends on what we all want "packed" in a mobile device.

8. What was your biggest business accomplishment, and which is your biggest business mistake that you would advise others not to do?

There are usually several components that make up an enormous entrepreneurial performance. In our industry, reliability, fairness,

real values, and quality of service are essential success factors that Yukatel has achieved over the past ten years, among others, to be what it is today. A successful partner for our customers! And we want to stay that way. My recommendation to all, remain truthful to you and your customers!

9. Being as successful as you are, you must be very selective with the people you whom you "deal." What do you think is the best way for a young company to approach you to earn your respect?

Openness and honesty, the rest is self-evident.

10. Having been in this industry for so long, you have seen many companies come and go through the years if you can name five company owners, you have come to be close.

I will take care not to judge other companies. Every company has achieved its success. The important thing, in the end, is what kind of picture we leave, which carries the victory over the years.

11. What are the key factors that make your customers select you over your competitors?

I have already listed a few reliability, fairness, right values, safety, and a wide range of products.

12. Which regions are you currently focusing on in the business, given the current market situation?

We want to continue to stay healthy as a company, where we have been successful. Regionally we are always open for every new way.

13. We have seen you turn from a delegate of the Partners In Excellence electronics networking convention into a sponsor, why is that?

We have always believed that this industry should be better "networked", and such events contribute to it.

14. Being the Managing Director of such a big company must be very stressful at times; what do you do to get away? Do you have any hobbies?

The beautiful thing about my work is that it's my hobby too. I do not need a break. The timeout that I take is part of my success because it is used entrepreneurially. Nevertheless, I love to spend time with my family. They are my strength and my belief.

15. Tell us something about your character that we wouldn't know by just looking at your business career?

I can explain my character in three words. The virtues best describe me are loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

16. If you never entered the electronics industry, which industry do you think you would have followed?

Mathematics has always fascinated me. Who knows, maybe mathematician?

17. Which part of the Partners In Excellence event's philosophy do you like the most, and why?

I do not want to restrict anything. I have always been passionate about such well-organized events, and accordingly, I act as a partner like that. In such a global industry like ours, it is essential to show the flag and cultivate the already existing and outstanding business partnerships even more intensively.

18. What are your plans for Yukatel? Where do you see your company in the next five years?

We will continue to follow our business goals in the next five years and try to place ourselves in an even stronger position with our customers.

19. As we all know, you are also a manufacturer; by reading your website, anyone can understand that you also strive for innovation. Tell us more about the brand Route-Control and M2M Allnet, how come you pursued this sector?

Short and quick. Market leadership.

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