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Most anticipated phones this year

The 2019 year in the mobile phones industry witnessed bold moves from some manufacturers who were all following the same objective; to revolutionize the smartphone industry and to get it into a new era, but each of them has their unique approach. While other major manufacturers are still waiting and prefer to follow the same technology and form factors and presently to work on improving and refining their products. The year 2020 will be no different, and the following list concerns the most anticipated upcoming phones:

Samsung Galaxy S20

Like every year, Samsung is maturing its flagship model, the Galaxy S. Since the Galaxy S7, Samsung reached a point of near perfection regarding smartphones, where it is focusing on only refining the design by reducing the bezels and increasing the screen surface as much as possible. In addition to that, Samsung is also refreshing the hardware by bringing in the latest technology. This year’s iteration won’t be any different. It is expected, however, that the next flagship will be named Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11. It will also come in 3 variances: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra will have a 5G variant. Phones are expected to be launched in February 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, it is expected from Samsung to announce its second foldable phone codenamed “Galaxy Bloom,” but the trade name will more likely be Galaxy Z flip. The phone is expected to have a clamshell design with a 6.7inch Dynamic AMOLED Display screen folding inward and vertically, a 12MP Main Camera 10MP Front Camera, and 256GB Storage. The battery pack won’t exceed 3500mAH.

Huawei P40

Despite the USA trading ban and loss of Google Play Services license, Huawei is still finding ways to make more enhanced and more appealing products. The P series line is known for its outstanding camera quality and its long battery life (The P40 could be the first phone to use the graphene batteries which are safer and last longer). The batter will most likely not change with the upcoming Huawei P40 and the P40 Pro. Besides the design leaks and replacement of Google Play Services by Huawei Mobiles Services, we don’t know much about the new P40 series. It is, however, expected to be launched somewhere in March 2020.

Huawei Mate Xs

Like Samsung, Huawei launched a foldable phone at the end of 2019. And like Samsung, Huawei is launching a second foldable phone in 2020. There isn’t much information on it yet, besides its name,

“Huawei Mate Xs,” and the evidence that it will have the same design as its predecessor while costing less and is more resistant. It will be safe to assume that the specs will not be much altered from the Huawei Mate X besides integrating the latest Kirin 990 processor, which is natively 5G compatible. Huawei was expected to announce the new foldable phone during MWC 2020

OnePlus 8

During recent years, OnePlus was changing its release strategy progressively. After they started releasing one phone a year, then one phone every six months and finally adding aPro version of each phone.

In 2020, OnePlus seems to adopt a Samsung-like release strategy with three variances of the same model. It is expected that OnePlus will announce three phones: OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Lite, and OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus’ main selling point is the high-quality display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, the most top specs on the market, and almost half price compared to the other brand flagships. According to some rumors, OnePlus might finally adopt the wireless charging technology, at least on the Pro version. The official launch is expected in May 2020.

iPhone 2020

Since the announcement of the first iPhone that redefined our way of using phones 13 years ago, every year, the tech world is waiting for the newest iPhone version announcement. This year will be no different. Apple is known for keeping the plans of the upcoming iPhones secret, so we only have rumors as we don’t even know what the next iPhone will be called or how many variances will be launched. Apple is expected to launch a successor of the iPhone SE in addition to the regular iPhones. The 5G network might be inaugurated this year as well as a comeback of the Touch ID, which could be in-display this time. Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in the newest technologies, such as foldable screens or high refresh rates. We should expect a traditional form factor for 2020, perhaps without a notch.

Microsoft Phone

At the end of 2019, Microsoft stunned the audience by announcing its comeback in the mobile phone industry, but this time, having Android as an OS instead of Windows phone OS, which failed after years of struggle and bad choices. Instead of taking risks and propose a foldable-screen phone, Microsoft chose to launch a dual-screen phone. The device is currently running a Snapdragon 855, but it could be switched to a newer chip later on. The device does not ship until the holiday season in 2020, so Microsoft could have the chance to upgrade the hardware in the frame. The Surface Duo is 4.8mm thin with an 8.3-inch display if you count the two screens together. Each monitor is 5.6 inches. It has a fingerprint reader and a USB-C port. It will use a customized version of Android but would still be compatible with Google Play Services and Android apps. 2020 is expected to be an exciting year for the mobile phone industry. After years of stagnation and only small evolutions instead of revolutions, new technologies are appearing. It is the beginning of a new era with the 5G network, foldable screens, and new battery technologies.

Stay tuned.

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