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Passion – Zempire’s most important asset.

Passion – Zempire’s most important asset.

Chase your passion, not your pension.

Let’s speak about this human capital…

We, humans, are enormously drawn to euphoria and devotion, we really admire them.

Even if the hero in an epic way goes down in the end - he stood up for his cause and burned for it.

Unfortunately, sometimes even literally. What we respect him for is a quality that unites all successful people: passion (for one thing).

Passion lets us persevere when there are setbacks or critics; Passion outlasts short-term enthusiasm; it makes our eyes sparkle, our hearts expand when we talk about our ideas or successes and the passion infects people who see and hear it.

Often passion is the decisive factor in whether we are heading for fortune or a fiasco ...

And look at all those synonyms we have for passion:

• Dedication • Heart and soul • Energy • Burning • Fire • Courage • Verve • Bravery • The urge to discover

What all those words above have in common: is that they have enormous potential and are influential when it comes to flourishing in your business. Passion releases undreamt-of powers and gives those who have it, almost superhuman qualities. As we know passion distinguishes those who succeed from those who do not.

People who have the power to transmit this to others without having to capture it exactly with words are the true ones to know the true meaning of it.

Actually, even more often, which makes success such a sought-after (because it is rare) goal: people make big plans, start something, but then don't finish it and give up ... at Z Empire we finish always what we started and we drive with our passion to find new groundbreaking ideas.

We believe (Re) igniting passion in other people is not just a noble task - it is the management task par excellence. Likewise, everyone who gives a so-called impulse lecture wants that. Because encouraging others to get the best out of themselves not only gives deep satisfaction and is fun - it also encourages you.

It doesn't get any easier. But there are a few good indications of what inspires people in their business and arouses their passion:

1. Sense.

2. Teamwork

3. Fairness.

4. Attention.

5. Growth.

6. Autonomy.

Whatever you do - the heavier it is, the easier it has to look. That is an iron rule of success.

So Despite passion: Success needs something playful.

An interesting aspect, right?

Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.

Despite all your passion for your thing, you should never seem as if you put all your sweat and hours behind. No matter how much effort and many experiences and failures ultimately are behind our work: It should remain a secret.

Whatever you do - the heavier it is, the easier it has to look. It seems a rule of success.

The work, the hardships behind our business that are behind it. We all like to hide them. Why do we not speak about it?

Let's look at how we love magicians who enchant us with tricks. If they are presented gracefully, it increases our admiration tenfold. But please don't let all these illusionists sweat or tell us afterward how many hours of hard training it took.

Instinctively, our respect then immediately drops.

Because now we know: Anyone who practices, as much can achieve the same thing. How vulgar! Everyone, really everyone successful in the spotlight has prepared themselves thoroughly before taking the stage. Sweat always precedes fame. Look for example at just one of the greatest sportsmen- and businessman who left legacies.

There was Maradona, this incredibly passionate human being who ignited passion on a global level like no other, and then there was Steve Jobs, whose passion not even ceased when he knew his time was limited. They knew how to inspire passion in others with their humble honesty.

And so is ZEmpire building up passion from inside to share it with the bigger stages. As we all know Passion is what you inevitably need for success…

Our Events carry the motto #Reconnect, not only for its basic meaning such as bringing people together to network, close deals, but we want you to reconnect to your passion(s)!

Be passionate in Business like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson... and the ZEmpire Team!

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out

We expect you this Fall at #Reconnect - The First Exhibition by the Beach in Athens! Remember every journey starts with a dream…

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