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RECONNECT Your runway to success.

The first high technology and electronics exhibition - that takes place by the sea - meets fashion and hosts unique fashion shows!

From September 28 to October 1, the world of technology and fashion meets in a magical setting overlooking the Athenian Riviera blue waters. For three nights, top fashion designers - Greek and non-Greek - will present their creations in the specially designed spaces of Achillion in Varkiza.

Zempire Global presents another innovative concept combining high technology with fashion. Every night different designers will "rock" the catwalk of Achillion by showing their creations. The most creative ideas and top fashion trends for the upcoming season, for both women's and men's attire, will be shown here first, as part of the Reconnect exhibition organized by Z Empire.

Starting with a unique party alongside live music, gastronomic delicacies exclusively prepared by experienced chefs, and, of course, a lot of fashion and styling tips every night by the sea, for three days in a row. Official guests from the Greek and the international fashion scene will be present, enjoying a truly unique experience in a multidimensional setting, in one Event that has never happened in Greece before. Media coverage will be broad.

Reconnect, by Z Empire, is coming to the Athenian Riviera, changing everything we already knew about electronics shows. It brings together the best elements that the world of technology, and the world of fashion, can give and connect the leaders of both worlds in Athens. A new experience, a truly unique event.


Achillion Ribas Varkiza

September 28 - October 1

Organized by: Z Empire //

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