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PIE POP UPS – Sessions, Sessions & more Sessions

November 2019

Are you going to electronics conventions?

There is a realization of a lack of actual business.

  • You don’t know who to meet or how

  • Schedules are conflicting or confusing, and the result is not exposing your company and brand as you had aimed to.

Why are sessions so important then?

  1. Offering and organizing highly targeted meetings,

  2. Which aim to ‘force’ interaction,

  3. Where each and almost every company will be introduced impressively with

a) the ’90 Seconds to Impress’ session

b) pairing compatible companies to elevate exchange of knowledge

c) company profiles with ‘Business Speed Dating.’

d) how about with simply executing deals with ‘Deal or No Deal’


These are the way to make sure your professional experience is as productive as possible. When returning to your home grounds, you will leave with a sense of achievement and business satisfaction that is missing in this industry, and ZEmpire is here to offer back!

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