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Reconnect is a Unique Concept

Reconnect is a Unique Concept, creative & a New era in exhibitions

- For the first time ever Electronics Exhibition by the beach

- Physical & Virtual Event at the same time

- Private meetings: Boats, Yachts & rooms

- Live broadcast of sessions

- Manufacturers, operators, retailers, e-tailers, traders, and distributors


- Hall A ( E-shops & Retail) Hall B ( Distributors) Hall C (Manufacturers)

Hall D ( Operators)

- Business Lounges

- Sessions: 90 Seconds to impress, business speed datings, keynote


- If you are not able to Join, still you can have meetings, contact us :)

Creativity is intelligence having fun. The first step before anybody else in the world believes it; you have to believe it. Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.

We love our work & as event & exhibition planners we always surprise our clients with giving extra. Our recipe is simple & we don't hide it, feel free to copy:) I mean the formula, not our ideas🤣

Ingredients of the Formula: Honesty, Creativity, Quality, Hardwork & giving our clients more than their expectations.

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