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Vivo is coming to Europe.

July 2019

Vivo is an OEM that has recently produced some new phones, including the iQOO Neo, which repackages the Snapdragon 845 as a sub-premium gaming SoC in 2019. However, their phones are not directly available in certain regions, Europe included. Interested consumers would need to import them from major Chinese etailers.

That situation may change now, however. A blog has reportedly found job listings posted by Vivo to LinkedIn. They are for vacancies such as “Brand Manager” and “Creative Manager” in Bavaria, Germany. Furthermore, a second site also claims to have found a similar recruitment drive directed at the Ukrainian market.

The above scenery suggests that Vivo intends to establish official lines of commerce in these two countries. Vivo sister companies, OPPO and OnePlus, have already set up European divisions of their concerns. So this seems to be a natural move from an expanding OEM such as Vivo. Should these reports prove accurate, the European market could gain access to phones such as the Neo and the Dual Display Nex or more budget options such as the recently-released S1.

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