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Who is EthosCorp?

February 18, 2020, at 3:26 pm

Ethoscorp is one of our top silver sponsors; they buy and sell Consoles, Video Games, PC Games, Used or Defective Hardware, Mobiles & Tablets, Consumer Electronics Merchandising, and everything else you can think! Very experienced individuals teamed up to form a value-adding partner in global trading.

"Along with experience purchasing and selling, we bring a wealth of knowledge in dealing with certain lines of products such as gaming, small electronics, and more. We can make a difference with our understanding of worldwide logistics, flows of goods, and key contacts. We focus on wholesale only, and we deal with traders, importers, distributors, and retailers in any territory. We know that reliability and trust are an immense issue in worldwide trade, and this is what we bring to the table precisely. Profit is good, but safety is paramount.

"Our focus is on dealing and surrounding ourselves with reliable partners who have a long-term vision to grow the business."

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