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Who is Fast Track?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

February 18, 2020, at 3:34 pm

They are known for their professionalism, efficient network, and fast service.

Fast Track is one of our silver sponsors, reliable partners, and exceptional supporter.

“Whether you are looking for the latest mobile devices to meet market demands or the newest software to leverage those devices, we deliver them to you. We are a dynamic team of professionals whose mission is to enhance existing portfolios and provide high-quality products (devices and software) to our customers.

With a well-connected and efficient network, we provide end-to-end distribution and management, facilitating the shortest time-to-market and cost-effectiveness. Trained local sales teams ensure seamless reach with their unparalleled product and industry knowledge.

From mobile apps to applications designed to enable your business on-the-go, we offer customized software and products to suit a range of platforms and business requirements. Our software development offerings include:

  1. Logistics management

  2. M-POS solutions

  3. E-Commerce sites

  4. Warehouse systems and services

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