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Who is InterComm?

February 19, 2020, at 9:07 am

InterComm Trading is a supporter, experienced business partner, loyal customer, and our Silver Sponsor!

InterComm Trading AG was founded in 2013. The managing director and owner of InterComm Trading AG, Thomas Bachmann, has been successfully active in the telecommunications market since 1998. InterComm operates as an international wholesaler of mobile phones, smartphones, and accessories based in Cham, Switzerland.

"Our business partners benefit from our many years of know-how in the worldwide telecommunications market. We are globally networked and have very close and personal relationships with our partners in key markets such as Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, North and South America and Africa. Based in Switzerland, we enjoy a secure and highly developed Swiss infrastructure in the heart of Europe. Zurich International Airport connects us with all the major marketplaces in the world. We have excellent logistics and warehouses in Switzerland, Dubai and Hong Kong, so we are logistically very flexible, fast and can guarantee punctual delivery."

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