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Who is Microtec B.V.?

February 19, 2020, at 12:35 pm

Microtec B.V., a renowned company, known to most, if not all, with impeccable services, fast responses, and quality products. One of our Gold Sponsors who we are proud to have.

Microtec B.V. has been in the mobile phone business for several years now. It all started in a small room and a company started by a few family members. But since then, we have grown exponentially, and it is still kept as a family business/company. Our customers are an essential part of this family, and we do our best to serve them with the same feeling and the best products possible.

Once the company became a known name in the wholesale business, it moved into a new adventure. This adventure included starting an online store where we would also be able to deliver our products with competitive prices to particular clients.

So far, this mission has been a success, bringing happiness and satisfaction to all our customers with every delivery.

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