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Who is Parktel?

February 19, 2020 at 1:17 pm

Parktel SP. Z O.O is a trusted partner that aims to fulfill your electronic needs most efficiently and promptly.

Parktel, is one of our Gold Sponsors who is loyal, easy to cooperate with, and very professional.

One might say Parktel is just another general international trading company between the many already existing in this market.

Be assured that Parktel is a specialist in the field of sourcing consumer electronics goods in the worldwide markets at superb conditions.

''We aim to fulfill our orders regularly just-in-time by matching offer and demand for the particular stock in the most efficient possible way.

Daily our team is looking to catch the best deals and bring it to you, our esteemed clients, in the best possible prices and delivery lead times.''

Parktel, is a young, professional, and full of energy team with big experience on the market.

We are in the business from 2006, and we know that stock on time = happy client. That is the reason we are doing our best to find the best logistic solutions for our customers.

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