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Who is Q-Conn?

February 19, 2020, at 10:18 am

Q-Conn has held its grounds in the industry and has become a prominent distributor. Reliable, efficient, trusting, and cooperative are the features that best describe our Gold Sponsors!

The incorporation of Q-CONN GmbH took place in 2004 as a mobile wholesaler. Equipped with excellent market knowledge, Q-CONN was strategically placed as a discounter and retailer of mobile phones, consumer electronics, and IT hardware. In addition to mobile phones, the company also offers TVs and gaming consoles. We are headquartered in Austria and have a branch office in Warsaw (Poland). Our customer portfolio includes thousands of satisfied large customers and long-term partners in Europe and Hong Kong. We attach importance to a sustainably available range of products and deliver original German and EU goods, OEM, and provider stock at unbeatable prices.

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