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Why are videos such a vital part of successful marketing?

March 28, 2020, at 1:58 pm

In general, we can use Video in the marketing process as a lead generation tool, as a method of building awareness and thought leadership, or as a content tool to grow or nurture a lead base.

Marketing was one of the first business departments to adopt Video as a regular medium, and brands have been using Video to market their products since before YouTube was popular. It is no secret that visual stimulation is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your audience, in this article we explore the ten key reasons why videos are so important when it comes to marketing.

Let the countdown begin:

10. Improved SEO

Firstly, using videos in the content of your marketing efforts will undoubtedly improve your SEO. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase your chance by up to 53 times a front-page Google results. But that only happens when you do it right.

9. Stronger Consumer Attention

Videos have proved to be more effective in capturing the consumer’s attention than other mediums. Regardless of the current situation of “content – overload” for consumers, capturing attention is particularly crucial.

8. Higher Engagement

Visual stimulation is simply a lot more effective. The next time you need to decide what types of posts to schedule on social networks in the future, think Video. Just remember that audiences are about ten times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.

7. More Video-favoured Technology

With a very high demand in the production of videos, technologies favor more and more the video-marketer. Think of Facebook; for example, a video post will catch more attention than a status update or a link to an article.

6. Greater Optimization Opportunities

When it comes to text-based content, it is almost impossible to track readership, shares, or if your readers revisited your blog to re-read something. Video, on the other hand, has this feedback loop built-in. Measure click-through rate, drop-off points, or how many times has been watched. This measurement means that you can identify what works and what does not work, hence focusing on what is working.

5. Higher Retention Rates

65% of viewers watch over three-quarters of a video, which is significantly higher than text-based content. So you might want to keep in mind that Video is probably the way to go the next time you are creating content.

4. Better Email Click-Throughs

The use of video content in emails has been shown to double click-through rates. More effective emails? Yes, please!

3. Rise in Accessibility

We now live in an era where video production no longer takes months to create or costs thousands of dollars; creating a great video is now a lot easier!

2. Stronger Emotional Connections

Video is the King of evoking emotions online. It’s King because it offers a variety of attributes above and beyond traditional content like tone of voice, facial expressions, and music, to name a few.

1. Increased Customer Conversions

Most importantly, when using Video in your content marketing plan, you, in turn, convert more customers. Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content.

In particular, Z Empire had dedicated a large number of its marketing campaigns to videos for all the above reasoning.

Let us see if our Partners In Excellence 2018 delegates agree:

What is your opinion about the marketing promotion done by Z Empire Global?

“It’s aggressive, and it is like it came out of nowhere; it is also reshaping the industry. Pulling off such an event and having everything so organized, all I can say is well done. It is not something done last minute, or on a tiny budget, it looks like Zempire has spent much money, time, and effort to organize everything.” —Director of Global mobiles, the USA, Masoud Wardak.

“They are very to the point; they just say what needs to be said and drawing the attention of whoever wants to be here”—Vice President of Prepaid Card Ltd, Jonathan Afrman.

“As far as promoting the event daily, I received some information which I found great.” —Owner of Mooncom, Vineta Brutane.

“I think what has been done so far is very good and puts much pressure … As for the event, It is helpful for the delegates here.Director of Strategic Procurement / Sales of einsAmobile GmbH, Enis Ramadanovski.

“I think Z Empire has done a great job here. I hope this event will go on for the next years, and I hope to participate again. Congratulations to Sam and his team, they have done a good job.” —COO of SC Gersim Impex, Radu Rosoga.

“I cannot compare it with anything else because there are no marketing activities in the other events. This event is the only one that benefits you in a marketing way. Having a magazine, banners, conference room, everything ….” —Commercial Director of Infoworx Limited and Electroholic, Evaggelos Vidos.

“I think it was fit for purpose. It was excellent. And I also recollect when you look at the number of attendees at the Partners In Excellence convention, It’s amazing.” CEO of RugGear, Oliver Schulte.

“The marketing itself is different from what we are used to seeing, especially during the Greece crisis. We believe that Z Empire and the whole team have done an outstanding job promoting this event. We’re getting bonded all the time with all the meetings we have in front of us and the agenda which follows. What I found interesting was that instead of constantly checking the schedule, the organizers notify you through the application when it is time for a session, and so on. The delegates themselves are senior professionals, and meetings are perspective.” —Commercial Director of InfoQuest technologies, Antonis Stamatopoulos.

Just fantastic. Z Empire was all over the place. Everybody knew about the event. Anyone I have asked, “where are you going?” Everyone and I mean everyone was aware of it. It is its second year, and there is much awareness of Z Empire events happening, so It’s going to take much competition. It’s going to be hard work for other similar events to catch up or to match Partners In Excellence events. —Director of RS Global, Akshay Agarwal

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