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90 Seconds to impress – Volume II

March 28, 2020, at 2:15 pm

It was with great success that the second year of the 90 seconds to impress sessions occurred during the first and second days of the Partners In Excellence Convention in Athens. The program is open to all delegates interested in giving a more public introduction of their company within 90 seconds using slideshows, pictures, or videos to enhance their speech and impress further.

The speeches are recorded and broadcasted live on the Z Empire Global Youtube Channel thousands of industry subscribers, and then on the move to turn them as individual video presentations posted on the company’s Youtube Channel as well as various other related platforms, so the delegates and companies presented receive maximum visibility and marketing. These sessions and delegation participation complement the organizing company, whose primary goal is to help companies evolve.

This year’s 90 seconds to impress session was kicked off by Mr. Oliver Schulte, CEO of RugGear, who skillfully presented the advance of rugged phone sales and expectations of 2021 reaching up to 60 million devices and prompted us to think of the market in a vertical more selective, analytical, and sequential way. As Mr. Schulte explained, “if you look at the market from a vertical way you will see that the rugged market was a market of 30 million devices and by 2021 it will be a market of 60 million devices”, and RugGear as a brand is open in doing business with companies that are looking for an opportunity to advance. (Think Vertically, think Rugged, think RugGear.)

Ms. Evangelia Manali, communications officer of Infoworx Ltd, was the next delegate to take the stage. Infoworx Ltd, based in Greece, was one of the esteemed sponsors of the Partners In Excellence 2018 convention. Infoworx was founded in 2009, as Ms. Manali explained, “the company has to do with everything as far as electronics are concerned,” making sure to be precise within the 90 seconds frame. By 2015, the steady advance of Infoworx led to the creation of their e-shop,, a rapidly growing e-shop in the country. Her speech ended by thanking the organizers and encouraging delegates to get in touch with the Infoworx team to become their “Best Partner In Excellence.”

Mr. Sajjad Versiani, director of the Cellutech group of companies, was the third speaker of the day whose opening speech included thanks to the organizers and recognition of the advances the convention had made since the previous year.

Cellutech Group of companies is based in Dubai and solely works within the trading industry of electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other IT equipment. At this point, the company has bases in Dubai, UK, USA, and will soon have a branch in Hong Kong. Mr. Versiani closed his speech by explaining that his team and himself are ready to help companies carrying slow-moving stock, liquidate it as they are “your buyers.”

Next up was Mr. Brendan Nicholls, Purchasing Manager of Eurostar Global Electronics based in the UK, and celebrated its 10th year in business with a 90 million Euros turnover this year. The company specializes in all brands, including Huawei, LG, Sony, Apple, and Samsung. Eurostar global trades online all over Europe as and imports and exports from the UK. Mr. Nicholls stressed the importance of having long-term business partners in the electronics industry and explained that attending the Partners In Excellence convention helped build trust for their business partners as it allowed them to meet them in a relaxed and fun environment physically.

The fifth delegate participating in, the 90 seconds to impress session, was CEO of Amir Group FZCO, Mr. Bezkod Akmalkhonov. Amir Group FZCO is the mother company to well-known and respected companies in the electronics industry such as Fajr Al Mustaqbal, the official distributor of Samsung, Huawei, Lg, and Meizu in the CIS region. Moreover, Radius Electronics, one of the largest franchises of stores in Uzbekistan, FM Magnit, located in the heart of Dubai, Deira, is a wholesale shop accommodating smaller Russian wholesale companies from where they purchase directly. Amir Group FZCO was also one of the esteemed sponsors of the Partners In Excellence 2018 convention.

Mr. Akanimo Emah, head of sales of Neva Systems LTD in the UK, was the 6th participant. In his speech, Mr. Emah explained that their company specializes in software development and specific diagnostic tools for the used-mobile industry. Neva Systems works with wholesalers and recycling companies of the field and offer solutions that add value to their customers. The company looks forward to opening branches in the USA and Dubai shortly and welcomes companies dealing in or starting to trade in the market of used phones to get in touch as they have a solution for them.

The CEO of BM Electronics – Dubai based company, Mr. Musleh Muslihiddin, thanked the Z Empire team – organizers of the Partners In Excellence convention and then proceeded in explaining that his company is the official distributor of Samsung, LG, HTC and Alcatel in some of the CIS region countries. The company also deals with Apple and Xiaomi.

Mr. Muslihiddin presented the company's own mobile brand MDC that made its launch in the market last year and is being distributed within the CIS region and has brought back excellent feedback. The brand offers the opportunity to end-user customers to have a smartphone that provides the essential applications, great design and security, and at an affordable price.

The last speaker to take the stage during the first round of the 90 seconds to impress session was Ms. Marta Katarzyna, marketing manager of Promtel GSM-based in Dubai. With a long business history, the right business connections globally, and the "know-how" as Mrs. Katarzyna explained, Promtel trades in brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei. The company always maintains a steady flow of business, which allows them to keep secure even though the economy is not as helpful as before. The marketing manager of Promtel closed her speech by thanking all their stable business partners and welcomed any new companies on board.

Lastly, we had a presentation by the charity organization, Make A Wish Greece, marking the session's closing. Make A Wish goal is to help children with any life-threatening decease to fulfill their biggest wish. The chairwoman of the organization gave out a touching presentation. By her side, a volunteer and Yiannis, a child whose request granted by the Make A Wish organization.

The second round of the session took place on April 28, and the first speaker was Mr. Shawn Shastri, Chief Operating Officer of Aceone, based in Hong Kong. The company is mainly dealing with Apple, Digital Cameras, and other accessories. Mr. Shastri's speech was welcoming companies working with the Asian market to contact him to start cooperating and taking businesses to the next level.

Mr. Antonis Stamatopoulos, Commercial director of InfoQuest Technologies based in Greece, was the next to get on the stage for the second year in a row, presenting his company. A very informative video accompanied Mr. Stamatopoulos' speech regarding the services that the 37-year-old company of the ICT sector offers, including mobile telephony, internet, courier services, e-shops, renewable energy services, Apple ecosystem, cloud software for enterprises and many more. The company's commercial director pointed out that its philosophy is to win in a mutually beneficial and ethical way.

Mr. Csaba Nagy Abonyi, CEO of Naet Kft based in Hungary, started his speech with a story of Doctor Einstein regarding the rapid change and increase of answers and choices we need to make in our daily lives in comparison to the past, he pointed out that one of his exceptional opportunities was attending the Partners In Excellence convention. His participation allowed him to start new cooperations within the electronics industry.

The Vice President of SM Distribution based in the USA, Ms. Victoria Adams, was the fourth speaker of the second round of the 90 seconds to impress sessions. The vice president made sure to thank the organizers for the opportunity to meet in person companies that they have been dealing with for a long time and to meet new companies. Smart Mobile Distribution is an official premium reseller of Apple MacBook, iWatches, Apple TVs, and iPhones, as Ms. Adams explained, and they look forward to meeting new clients in order to expand their business further together.

A great addition to the session was a video speech of Mr. Lukasz Smyk, founder of Parktel based in Poland, who was unable to attend the convention personally but was represented by two of his best team members. In his video speech, Mr. Lukasz congratulated the organizers and wished them an even more successful future in bringing companies together.

Mr. Antonis Majarides, sales director of Majar Matzaridis Bros SA based in Thessaloniki Greece, was also among the speakers of the 90 seconds to impress session, who in agreement with Mr. Sam – Managing Director of Z Empire, pointed out that a fundamental part of the industry is forging synergies. Majar was established in 1978; they are distributing well-known brands and exporting to twenty-two countries, plus looking forward to getting in touch with companies searching for innovation, profitable business, and excellent service.

The Director of Strategic Procurement and Sales of einsAmobile, Mr. Enis Ramadanovski, started his speech by applauding the organizers' work and thanking them for a great convention. EinsAmobile, based in Germany, was founded in 2005 with 20 employees and approximately 10 million euros turnover, since then the company has grown to an outstanding turnover of 600 million euros in 2016 and over 140 employees. Mr. Ramadanovski explained that einsAmobile, a telecommunications company, deals with known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

Mr. Lennaert Akkermans, Ceo of Central Point Europe s.r.o, based in Slovakia, was the next up on the stage. As Mr. Akkermans explained, the company is working within the field of consumer electronics and dealing in known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo including Huawei, "we are a family company" as the CEO placed it which means they always strive for the best for their customers and strongly believe in maintaining strong relations. With over a decade of experience in electronics, Mr. Akkermans looks forward to many more years of cooperation with his partners while always offering excellent customer service and value to long-term relations.

One of the industry pioneers and chairman of Jupiter GSM, Mr. Adnan Celik was the next delegate presenting his company. Jupiter GSM, with its headquarters in Austria and bases in Dubai and Hong Kong, deals with mobile phones and gaming consoles. With a striking turnover of 1.2 billion US dollars in 2017, Jupiter GSM forges ahead to an even greater future.

Neopolis General Trading LLC's CEO, Mr. Reda Abd Elaziz, took on the stage following Mr. Celik. Neopolis General Trading, based in Dubai, is a relatively new company in the market but led by a team of senior professionals with years of experience in electronics. In his speech, Mr. Abd Elaziz pointed out that the only way to overcome the current market situation is by "investing in each other" and stressed on the importance of honesty and transparency between the partners.

Mr. Radu Rosoga, representative of Gersim Impex – also among the esteemed sponsors of the convention, kicked started his speech with a slightly humorous approach by explaining that he wanted to send an email to his CEO for not being able to attend as he enjoyed himself and got meet new companies as well as long term partners. Mr. Rosoga then went on and gave a reference from the football tournament, "I saw determination, motivation, honor, loyalty, courage and even sacrifice and so I am asking you, aren't these the right qualities you are looking for and trying to offer to your partners?" said the Gersim Impex representative as he made his exit from the stage.

Next on the stage was Mr. Frank Rocher representing the Platinum Sponsor of the Partners In Excellence convention Yukatel GmbH. The company was founded in 1995 and based in Germany, in 2009 the company's turnover was 10 million euros, by 2017 Yukatel reached a turnover of 500 million euros. Mr. Rocher made sure to point out that "we made the right decision in investing as the biggest sponsor of the Partners In Excellence convention" and thanked both the organizers and delegates as he passed the stage to the next delegate.

Mr. Ganesh Arivoli, sales manager of Fast Track PTE based in Singapore, marked the finish of the 90 seconds to Impress sessions for the Partners In Excellence 2018 convention. Fast Track is a leading distributor and wholesaler of mobile phones, tablets, and Macbooks.

Fast Track has been active in the industry for over 18 years. With bases in Dubai, Miami, Hong Kong, and Thailand but now also active within the European region with branches in Poland and Cyprus. With a high turnover of products sold and always carrying physical stock of major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Nokia Mr. Arivoli closed his speech by pointing out that the principal purpose of the company is to build strong, long-lasting business relations with all customers and suppliers by providing them with excellent service, trust, and an ethical approach.

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