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A day in the life of a CEO

May 14, 2020, at 8:16 am


A day in the life of a CEO (SPONSORS)

Brand new series is coming to you in a variety of shows where we will conduct interviews and spend the day with our sponsors & marketing clients.

Surprises could include office visits and more.

  • We will be showing how the CEO himself buys and sells, then later; we will be speaking to their employees.

  • Ending the day with dinner

  • Discussion over coffee

  • Lunch

  • The objective is to learn and share with the rest, valuable information on the way the COMPANY buys & sells more comfortably!

  • Will be creating a video profile with the history, the personal and professional life behind that CEO’s success.

  • And of course, promotion of that company!

Let us introduce you to the CEO and who they are

Many companies don’t deal with each other because they are not familiar with the buyer/seller either professionally or personally, let us do the introduction for you, the #Zempireway #zempire #reconnect

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