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The first week on the new job and I got thrown in the deep end.

IFA convention, a.k.a. the 'Berlin Radio Show,' is one of the world's leading trading shows for consumer electronics and home appliances, and that's where we were heading; except that we were hosting, once again, an exclusive dinner for our partners, who make up about 90% of the electronics industry. Luckily for me, our C.E.O., Mr. Sam, never

seemed to worry about a thing, always keeping his coolness &

self-assurance, especially under pressure, a trait I'd hope to adopt.

Hosting a dinner for all C.E.O.s of the electronics industry in Berlin,

Germany is reasonably straightforward. However, the pressure was on; Clients and partners were expecting a feast of the highest magnitude and standards as we have a reputation to maintain. We spare no expense

when it comes to quality, don't compromise on luxury and most of all,

we use our main 'ingredient' in everything we present and deliver;


The first step towards a successful and exciting business dinner is

planning for it carefully. There were many preparations involved, such

as finding the best location, venue, preparing the menu, the music, the

entertainment, the C.E.O.'s speech, promotional banners, and itinerary

one-on-one business meetings to attend and so forth. A lot to do in a

short time, but I had no doubts we would pull it off effortlessly; I had

confidence in my new team and leader.

Another preparation required for this dinner- the most important one in my opinion- was learning and practicing the 'L.O.U.R.' method; Listen, Observe, Understand, and Reflexes. Qualities my leader tries to establish within us are valuable elements to adopt for me to excel in my career and personal life. When you follow the 'L.O.U.R.' method, you can predict and understand the person without conversing with them, even interpreting them without the use of words on most occasions. It assists you in reacting fast, identifying solutions, and many more.

The goals of this dinner would be, besides making sure everything is running smoothly and for it to be successful, but taking in as

much information as possible, as it was my first week in the company and I wanted to impress my team. It was vital for my co-workers and me to mingle and interact with the clients. Nonetheless, be extra mindful of our sponsors and, however, try as exceptionally as we could to alleviate some of the pressure from Mr. Sam.

Also, to gather all these C.E.O.s in one room to socialize with each other and connect them and to lead them in future business ventures.

Entering this new realm of business and marketing was, for me, so inspiring and exciting at the same time, as this was no ordinary company. What Z Empire is known for is its innovation, creativity, cleverness, and, most of all, the respect and care they have for their clients, whom they call family. It isn't your everyday marketing business; Z Empire has its methods and ways of thinking. I had much to learn and much information to retain. Above all, it was the ideal situation to be placed in. I witnessed live examples of organizing events, dealing with significant and well-respected people, and adjusting to the new world of marketing.

Counting down the day of the work we had to manage, I didn't feel the pressure of the dinner until the moment had arrived.

During the anticipation, all possible scenarios were going through my mind, which in turn, instead of discouraging my team and leader, as the

newest member, motivated them to do their best and have the most productive time. It pushed them to want to perform their best,

to prove that there is no need for worry or doubt when you have confidence in the work you have put in and the eagerness you have to


The night started smoothly and relaxed as guests were arriving at a steady pace, giving me the chance to acquaint me with them

and exchange business cards and a few words.

As more guests were gathering, a feeling of comfort was setting in as I could see, my leader mingle and joke with them all, effortlessly.

Guests of such caliber didn't faze him as they did me, but that's what gave me all the more reassurance to perceive them as equals and down-to-earth individuals, and not as the thoughts I had formed in my head about them.

When it was time for Mr. Sam's speech to commence, all the room's eyes were on him. Although we had prepared one for Mr. Sam, he went off course and spoke straight from the heart; that's how he connected with his audience, which was more touching and funnier than that of a rehearsed piece of paper. You could see and feel the

passion coming through; he was clearly in his comfort zone

being in front of a crowd which is why he delivered such a

heartfelt and sincere speech.

Guests clapped and praised Mr. Sam. Everyone knows his

out-of-the-box thinking and how unpredictable his moves

can be, keeping everyone on their toes. They are especially

familiar with the sophistication, innovation,

knowledge, and experience he brings to the industry. He is

well respected and looked up to, and this dinner was no


The whole night, our guests talked, ate, and

enjoyed, proof that it had been a successful evening. As the

end of the night was approaching, it was apparent the guests

had a lovely and beneficial time; they left with drunk and

happy smiles on their faces. It was a success in bringing all

these talented people together to remind them that we are

here to support them and show them that we care and

want to give back. As a first experience, I couldn't have

asked for more than what I received.

The night ended on a high note; People were pleased and left wanting

more. They got the most they could after this 'business' dinner in terms

of partnerships and business opportunities. The relaxing ambiance of

the lounge/restaurant was a success. The feedback we received was

more than we could imagine for having. Z Empire's I.F.A. dinner was the hot topic of the industry; because of the hype created from the night before, it was our chance actually to benefit by it. Our online business group chats were shedding the most favorable light on us as a company, the compliments were ample, and new business possibilities were soaring. Our partners were happy; prospective clients wanted to jump on board with us; we headed towards an upward trajectory, and I was eager

to experience it live.

This short trip was beneficial for me, especially as a newcomer

because I had the chance to meet and discuss with our esteemed

clients, get in the business mindset, learned how to organize a mini-event/dinner, experienced my leader in action, and most importantly,

got a taste of the business and electronics field and couldn't be more

pleased. We aspire for greatness and will do everything we can to

achieve it. We are not motivated by monetary benefits; our goal is to

be proud of all the work we put out there. We want to create legacies.

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