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Deal or No Deal

July 11, 2020, at 12:17 pm

For its 2019th edition, Partners in Excellence featured a new session, one of its kind across the industry. What is it? Deal or No Deal. Per Z-Empire's vision: From the industry for the industry and Marketing Equals to Sales, Deal or No Deal session is a fun, unique, and efficient way to do business and to get more exposure in the industry. It was broadcasted live on the Z-Empire official Youtube channel and hosted by Agne Caune and Jonathan Afrman.

Rules are simple: five rounds, three offers, and six participants in each round. Only the sponsors have the opportunity to offer their stocks. Stocks should be physical and moved to a neutral logistic company who inspects them avant any payment, in case the Deal is closed.

Prices are non-negotiable. The six participants have one buzzer each and one minute to decide, once the offer is announced and shown on the screen. Now it's all on them whether to take it or not, by following the principle of first comes first served. If none of the participants bought the stock, the offer is transferred to the audience through a WhatsApp group chat where they can contact the admin to proceed with the proposal of the stocks, following the same rule of first comes first served. This process almost ensures the stock offered will be bought, and business will be done one way or another!

The session was as entertaining as it was engaging and exciting. Deals were diverse and included different categories of products and brands from various markets (High-end phones, CPOs, Low-end phones, Tablets). It was full of suspense and surprises, as some deals were dealt as the timer began and others at the last second. The anxiety created by the racy and the competitive atmosphere drew attention from the audience, which kept increasing throughout the session. This first edition Deal or No Deal session was a success, fulfilling the vision of Z-Empire. All the sponsors who took part in Deal or No Deal session closed at least one Deal either as a buyer or a seller and sometimes as both. Therefore, the value and potential of such an innovative concept are undeniable. It is putting together efficiently and beneficially, the best of the two worlds: entertainment and business. The Deal or no Deal session will make a comeback in the next Partners In Excellence event, with improvements based on the idea of the event: Greater, sounder, more intense, more successful.

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