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Fast Track PTE

March 31, 2020, at 11:55 am

Mr. Saravanan Natesan, the owner of Fast Track PTE Group of companies, has answered our questions in the way that only he can!

  1. Mr. Saravanan, you own without question one of the most stable and well-established companies of the industry and have bases in multiple countries. Please tell us a bit about how the companies operate and when you decided to join the electronics industry.

We have a team of professionals running the business. Every market and region operates on independent P&L's. I believe in an entrepreneurial model wherein each entity has the operating freedom as long as it is within the organizational group's physical boundaries. We joined the electronics industry around the year 2000 when we sighted the first business opportunity in mobility. We stuck to this industry as we developed skill sets over time, and I prefer to keep focus in areas of strength rather than overtly diversifying. We keep our eyes on developing related opportunities at all times.

2. Is there another industry on which you are working? If yes, which, if no, in which industry would you like to have a business?

At this point, we have limited investments in the hospitality industry / real estate and payment gateways platforms.

3. Immediately when someone meets you, can understand that you are one of the most peaceful people with lovely pleasantries, please tell us something about yourself we wouldn't understand just by looking at your business history or by meeting you the first time.

As I said with the operations being localized and having a great entrepreneurial team gives me sufficient time to look into other aspects. I would like not to be too intrusive into each region's business and only help from a capital availability perspective, which gives me much time at hand to spend with family and friends, thereby allowing me to be at absolute peace with myself.

4. Describe a day of your daily life from the morning until night.

My day always starts with a good workout to keep myself physically and mentally healthy; once done; I head to the office where I spend a few hours arranging the required stock and meet with business partners. Then it is time to hit the court; I always enjoy a game of Badminton. Once the day comes to its end, I always make sure to spend quality time with my family.

5. In which country can you see yourself spending the rest of your

life in?

I'd have to say Singapore.

6. What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur that is now

building up their company to not only survive in this

competitive industry but also to succeed to the level that you have


It is quite simple actually, always believe in what you do and give it all you have. Let your passion drive you to where you want to go.

7. What was your favorite part about Partners In Excellence 2018?

The constant and continual engagement with trade partners and business friends over the 3 days was the best part. It's the best way to brainstorm, share ideas, and discuss problems and find a solution.

8. We have seen you turn from a delegate of the Partners InExcellence 2017 into one of the esteemed sponsors of Partners In Excellence 2018, what made you come to a sponsor?

In meeting the organizers, I met like-minded people.

9. With so many employees working for you in different countries, do you know all their names? How many deals do you close personally?

Of course, knowing each employee is essential. We are one big family, and hence I know each one personally, it is also part of our culture to know each other well. As for deals, I do keep active by closing a couple fortnightly.

10. Having been in the industry for so long, you must have visited numerous exhibitions and events over the years, what do you think would make them more interesting to attend?

In general, people attend exhibitions to meet face to face with their business partners and keep connected; for us, this is the main reason. On the flip side, most events seem to be having the same itinerary. Nonetheless, most are quite informative but, in my opinion, need to have innovative agendas so, it would help build an interest in attending further.

11. Do you consider becoming a sponsor in Partners InExcellence 2019?

As we have now invested in having a more influential position within the European region and hope to build our business further, hopefully, it should all go well, and as planned, we could look at partnering as a sponsor for the next year.

12. Would you encourage other companies to attend the Partners In Excellence 2019?

Of course, without a doubt!

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