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Mr. Evan Vidos, the Electroholic

March 31, 2020, at 11:59 am

Electroholic ( ɪˈlɛktrəʊ ˈhɒlɪk )

noun informal = a person who is addicted to or very fond of electronic devices.

"Nine out of ten electroholics are buying from"

Mr. Evan Vidos, commercial director of Electroholic ( one of the fastest growing online retailers in Greece but also one of the esteemed sponsors of the Partners In Excellence conventions in both 2017 and 2018, gives us insight on the Greek market and the company's future goals.

1. Being one of the fastest-growing e-retailer, what are the fundamental values you are establishing your methods?

We always have in mind that if we don't adjust to the fast-changing environment, we will soon be out of the game. To be a successful company, you have to follow four rules:

  • Change before the change comes

  • Know your market needs

  • Hire people whom you can quickly educate

  • Love what you do otherwise don't even try it

2. You have signed a long-term marketing contract with Z Empire, how was your experience from last year until today?

I truly appreciate and respect the Z Empire's effort to bring people of the electronics industry together. It's a fantastic experience as it is mandatory to see the faces of people you deal with and to know more about them. Don't forget that we are people, and we have multiple roles in our lives. It's not everything about the business. I am a man, and I am a brother, I am a husband too, I love sunny days, and I am hanging out with friends, I am not too fond of broccoli, and I am a businessman.

3. Describe one of the most exciting business days you have had and why it was interesting.

It's not only one day. We call them 'family days' when we gather all together at the roof of our office, and we have a BBQ! It's an opportunity to robust relationship bonds and gains the respect of people whom we work with.

4. Where do you see Electroholic in the next five years, and what steps will you follow to reach your goal?

My goal is not only to run the e-shop but establish retail shops all over the country.

To accomplish this, we have to:

  • Be dedicated and focused on the goal

  • Constantly educate our people

  • Monitor the market

  • Change when needed

  • Administrate well and lead to success

  • Overcome any difficulties and never give up

5. What should someone know about the Greek market in regards to the consumer electronics industry?

No one can deny that Greece has a small market. No one can deny that we live in a 'tech world,' either. Think about the number of electric devices you use every day. Its chaotic, isn't it? Now, imagine that we buy and sell all of them.

6. Being a Greek, tell us more about how you build business relations, does the Greek philoxenia apply in all cases? (apart from Lunch in a greek tavern)

Greek people strongly believe in inner instinct. We have the charisma to evaluate the delegate or the people to whom we talk. Furthermore, it's a fact that our philoxenia is one of our competitive advantages except for the excellent weather and handsome men! Who can say no to a big smile and a warm heart?

7. Electroholic, a loyal sponsor in both the 2017 and 2018 Partners In Excellence conventions, what are the reasons behind your decision?

As I said before, I believe in Z Empire's effort to bring together colleagues from all over the world. I believe in human relationships, and Z Empire makes the proper ground to help them flourish.

8. Please describe your ideal way of closing a deal with a new customer so our delegates can get an insight into how they should approach you.

I highly appreciate it when someone shows me his real self and doesn't try to get me up to mischief. If someone is not honest with me, the 'closing' will never come. Anyone can approach me as long as he is sincere; he is straight to the point; that knows what he wants and how we could collaborate. I prefer people who come to me with a solution and not only a problem.

9. What is your ideal way of networking?

I admire networking via events or business gatherings because I need to see face to face the person I am going to come to a deal. It's significant for me, as in this way, it is possible to trust each other and build a strong business relationship.

10. How many deals and new partners have you made during PIE 2018?

I have made 300 plus new trustful partners and countless deals. It is likely to make 0 up to 10 deals in one single day.

11. How did the economic crisis of 2012 affect you, and how did you overcome it?

I would be a liar if I told you that it didn't affect us. Sure, the sales are not as high as they used to be. People used to buy on impulse and in large quantities before the economic crisis. Now they are more careful, and they think twice before they buy, especially when it comes to expensive goods such as white appliances. I don't consider this an obstacle, but I see it as an excellent opportunity to figure out the market needs and target more accurately. Here comes the so-called 'personalized marketing' that made my life so much easier. I work with experts who have a deep insight into the market, which helps me sleep tight at nights!

12. Due to the capital controls (in outward payments that were taking up to 14 days of processing) in Greece and the electronics industry's fast-paced nature, how did you manage to stay afloat?

Due to the capital controls, many suppliers who haven't worked with us don't trust as easily. Capital control is a big problem for every business person in Greece. We try to take advantage of our philoxenia and good manners to make them trust us. We show them our numbers, talk many hours to them, and that's how it usually works!

13. Do you venture into other industries as well? If yes, which, if not, which industry would you like to follow?

We do not venture into other industries because the number of products we deal with is humongous. Just have in mind that we are a company with 1.000 suppliers, 10.000 products, and 100.000 customers.

14. What differentiates you from your competitors in the local market? What makes your customers loyal to you?

With much effort and a daily-basis monitoring of the market and the competition, we manage to provide our customers with branded products at the lowest prices. We let our products speak for themselves.

15. What is your opinion regarding the future of the consumer electronics industry given the turbulence of the industry these last two years?

I am an optimist, and I advise you to be that kind of person too. People are obsessed with technology and everything new, as well as innovative.

I am not afraid of neither the crisis nor the turbulence of the industry. Keep in mind that there is always going to be a specific buyer for a particular kind of product. Keep your eyes wide open and don't hold back on adjustments.

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